Areas and Buildings of Special Character

Areas of Character

Areas of Character are those areas within the Arun District which are considered to be of distinctive character or quality, and therefore worthy of protection through rigorous control of new development. The council has identified 13 areas within the Local Planning Authority Area which it believes meets the required criteria. While these areas do not have the same status or level of protection as Conservation Areas, it is still desirable for them to be recognised. Designation helps identify and celebrate an area’s character. It also brings it under the consideration of the planning system (where permission is required for specific developments) so that some thought will be taken about its preservation and enhancement.


Buildings or Structures of Character

Historic buildings and structures are a precious and finite resource. They are powerful reminders of our history and the life and work of earlier generations. These buildings are noted as being of national importance for their 'special architectural or historic interest' and are placed on a list compiled by the Government. These are known as statutory Listed Buildings and are given special protection by law. There are, however, many buildings which, while not satisfying the national criteria, have strong local interest or appearance and contribute significantly to the distinctive character of their area or are very good examples of their type or style.

Although not protected by the legislation; the properties enjoy their full Permitted Development Rights (unless individually removed), the council will use its planning policies, as far as possible, to protect the external appearance of the property. If any changes to a building on the list require planning permission, care will be taken to ensure the character of the building is maintained. Full details will be required to fully assess a development affecting a locally listed building.


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