Annual Parish Meeting

Each year, the Parish Council organises an Annual Parish Meeting, between 1st March and 1st June. This is NOT  a council meeting, although the council is legally obliged to run it. 

The old format of a midweek evening meeting one year followed by a Saturday morning meeting the following year has been abandoned as illegal. The council followed that pattern as it allowed a wider number of residents to attend. 

Date Agenda Minutes
22nd June 2020 Notice and Agenda - EP Parish Meeting - 2020-06-22 [pdf] 118Kb
15th April 2019 Notice and Agenda - EP Parish Meeting - 2019-04-15 [pdf] 18Kb
21st May 2018 Notice and Agenda - EP Parish Meeting - 2018-05-21 [pdf] 57Kb 2018 EP Annual Parish Meeting Minutes - 2018-05-21 [pdf] 282Kb
24th April 2017 Notice_and_Agenda___EP_Parish_Meeting___2017_04_24 [pdf] 22Kb 2017_EP_Annual_Parish_Meeting_Minutes___2017_04_24 [pdf] 354Kb
18th April 2016 Notice_and_Agenda___EP_Parish_Meeting___2016_04_18 [pdf] 22Kb 2016_EP_Annual_Parish_Meeting_Minutes___2016_04_18 [pdf] 274Kb
27th April 2015 Notice_and_Agenda___EP_Parish_Meeting___2015_04_27 [pdf] 19Kb 2015_EP_Annual_Parish_Meeting_Minutes___2015_04_27 [pdf] 245Kb