Full Council

There is a Full Council meeting on the first working Monday of every month, excluding August. As with all council meetings, members of the public are always very welcome to attend the meetings. At the time of writing, Full Council meetings are held in the hall at East Preston Infant School. There is good access to the school building and good facilities within. 

Date Agenda Minutes
7th December 2020
2nd November 2020 Full 2020-11 Agenda [pdf] 219Kb
Full 2020-11 supporting papers [pdf] 711Kb
Full 2020-11 finance papers [pdf] 620Kb
5th October 2020 Full 2020-10 Agenda [pdf] 139Kb
Full 2020-10 supporting papers [pdf] 1054Kb
Full 2020-10 finance papers [pdf] 696Kb
7th September 2020 Full 2020-09 Agenda [pdf] 153Kb
Full 2020-09 supporting papers [pdf] 972Kb
Full 2020-09 finance papers [pdf] 704Kb
Full 2020-09 Minutes [pdf] 879Kb
3rd August 2020 Full 2020-08 Agenda [pdf] 151Kb
Full 2020-08 finance papers [pdf] 617Kb
Full 2020-08 supporting papers [pdf] 1294Kb
Full 2020-08 Minutes [pdf] 753Kb
6th July 2020 Full 2020-07 Agenda [pdf] 153Kb
Full 2020-07 supporting papers [pdf] 650Kb
Full 2020-07 finance papers [pdf] 596Kb
Full 2020-07 Minutes [pdf] 553Kb
8th June 2020 Full 2020-06 Agenda [pdf] 154Kb
Full 2020-06 supporting papers [pdf] 2181Kb
Full 2020-06 finance papers [pdf] 673Kb
Full 2020-06 Minutes [pdf] 776Kb
4th May 2020 Full 2020-05 Agenda [pdf] 154Kb
Full 2020-05 supporting papers [pdf] 279Kb
Full 2020-05 Minutes [pdf] 858Kb
6th April 2020 Cancelled Cancelled
2nd March 2020 Full 2020-03 Agenda [pdf] 151Kb
Full 2020-03 supporting papers [pdf] 448Kb
Full 2020-03 finance papers [pdf] 788Kb
Full 2020-03 Minutes [pdf] 994Kb
3rd February 2020 Full 2020-02 Agenda [pdf] 235Kb
Full 2020-02 finance papers [pdf] 774Kb
Full 2020-02 supporting papers [pdf] 691Kb
Full 2020-02 Minutes [pdf] 878Kb
6th January 2020 Full 2020-01 Agenda [pdf] 152Kb
Full 2020-01 finance papers [pdf] 655Kb
Full 2020-01 supporting papers [pdf] 1386Kb
Full 2020-01 Minutes [pdf] 1761Kb