Full Council

There is a Full Council meeting on the first working Monday of every month, excluding August. As with all council meetings, members of the public are always very welcome to attend the meetings. At the time of writing, Full Council meetings are held in the hall at East Preston Infant School. There is good access to the school building and good facilities within. 

Date Agenda Minutes
2nd December 2019
4th November 2019 Full 2019-11 Agenda [pdf] 240Kb
Full 2019-11 supporting papers [pdf] 3230Kb
Full 2019-11 finance papers [pdf] 812Kb
7th October 2019 Full 2019-10 Agenda [pdf] 148Kb
Full 2019-10 supporting papers [pdf] 875Kb
Full 2019-10 finance papers [pdf] 777Kb
Full 2019-10 Minutes [pdf] 4142Kb
2nd September 2019 Full 2019-09 Agenda [pdf] 236Kb
Full 2019-09 supporting papers [pdf] 840Kb
Full 2019-09 finance papers [pdf] 763Kb
Full 2019-09 Minutes - final [pdf] 7417Kb
5th August 2019 Cancelled Cancelled
1st July 2019 Full 2019-07 Agenda [pdf] 150Kb
Full 2019-07 supporting papers [pdf] 677Kb
Full 2019-07 finance papers [pdf] 583Kb
Full 2019-07 Minutes [pdf] 5931Kb
3rd June 2019 Full 2019-06 Agenda [pdf] 157Kb
Full 2019-06 supporting papers [pdf] 3252Kb
Full 2019-06 finance papers [pdf] 578Kb
Full 2019-06 Minutes [pdf] 5967Kb
13th May 2019 Full 2019-05 Agenda [pdf] 155Kb
Full 2019-05 supporting papers [pdf] 1244Kb
Full 2019-05 finance papers [pdf] 384Kb
Full 2019-05 Minutes [pdf] 6592Kb
1st April 2019 Full 2019-04 Agenda [pdf] 153Kb
Full 2019-04 supporting papers [pdf] 1173Kb
Full 2019-04 finance papers [pdf] 711Kb
Full 2019-04 Minutes [pdf] 5462Kb
4th March 2019 Full 2019-03 Agenda [pdf] 149Kb
Full 2019-03 supporting papers [pdf] 405Kb
Full 2019-03 finance papers [pdf] 683Kb
Full 2019-03 Minutes [pdf] 5205Kb
4th February 2019 Full 2019-02 Agenda [pdf] 149Kb
Full 2019-02 finance papers [pdf] 780Kb
Full 2019-02 supporting papers [pdf] 220Kb
Full 2019-02 Minutes [pdf] 3054Kb
7th January 2019 Full 2019-01 Agenda - final [pdf] 156Kb
Full 2019-01 finance papers [pdf] 840Kb
Full 2019-01 supporting papers [pdf] 491Kb
Full 2019-01 Minutes [pdf] 4699Kb