Major Events


The purpose of the Major Events Committee is to manage the Major Events the council runs, for example the East Preston Food & Drink Festival and the East Preston Christmas Celebrations. 

Meetings are held every other month at the East Preston Infant School, Lashmar Road, East Preston.



The current membership of the committee is Cllrs Bowman, Chapman, Duff, Gander (vice-Chairman), Gunston, Linton (Chairman) and Toney. As Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council respectively, Cllrs Toney and Linton are entitled to attend and vote at committee meetings.


 Terms of Reference for the Major Events Committee, adopted 2nd July 2019


Date Agenda Minutes
30th December 2019
28th October 2019 Major Events Agenda - 2019-10-28 [pdf] 74Kb
19th August 2019 Major Events Agenda - 2019-08-19 [pdf] 72Kb Major Events Minutes - 2019-08-19 [pdf] 321Kb
2nd July 2019 Major Events Agenda - 2019-07-02 [pdf] 72Kb Major Events Minutes - 2019-07-02 [pdf] 886Kb
29th April 2019 Major Events Agenda - 2019-04-29 [pdf] 72Kb Major Events Minutes - 2019-04-29 [pdf] 607Kb
13th March 2019 Major Events Agenda - 2019-03-13 [pdf] 69Kb Major Events Minutes - 2019-03-13 [pdf] 157Kb
25th February 2019 Major Events Agenda - 2019-02-25 [pdf] 72Kb Major Events Minutes - 2019-02-25 [pdf] 444Kb