The purpose of the Amenities Committee is to ensure that the village looks attractive for residents and welcoming to visitors.  It is the largest budget holding Committee within the Council.

The Committee is responsible for the upkeep of areas such as the Village Green, the Warren Recreation Ground and Two Acres. The Committee provides public seats throughout the village and four of the village’s six bus shelters. Additionally, the Committee ensures that the village’s flower displays are as good as they can be within the Council’s financial limitations.  Sponsorship is always welcomed by the Committee which helps to further enhance the village.


The current membership of the Committee is Cllrs Gale, Linton, McElroy (Chairman), Moore, Toney and Wilkinson and one vacancy. As Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council respectively, Cllrs Toney and Linton are entitled to attend and vote at committee meetings. Cllr Toney is also currently Vice-Chairman of this committee. 


Meetings are held every other month on a Monday at the East Preston Infant School, Lashmar Road, East Preston with additional meetings as and when needed.


Latest Terms of Reference for the Amenities Committee 

Date Agenda Minutes
11th November 2019 Amenities Committee Agenda - 2019-11-11 [pdf] 189Kb
9th September 2019 Amenities Committee Agenda - 2019-09-09 [pdf] 203Kb
8th July 2019 Amenities Committee Agenda - 2019-07-08 [pdf] 202Kb Amenities Minutes - 2019-07-08 [pdf] 1095Kb
20th May 2019 Amenities Agenda - 2019-05-20 [pdf] 190Kb Amenities Minutes - 2019-05-20 [pdf] 626Kb
18th March 2019 Amenities Agenda - 2019-03-18 [pdf] 187Kb Amenities Minutes - 2019-03-18 - draft [pdf] 482Kb
21st January 2019 Amenities Agenda - 2019-01-21 [pdf] 249Kb Amenities Minutes - 2019-01-21 [pdf] 409Kb