Planning and Licensing


The purpose of the Planning and Licensing Committee is to consider Planning and Licensing Applications that have been submitted to the local Planning and Licensing Authorities, i.e. Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council. The committee has the authority to respond to Planning and Licensing Applications on behalf of the whole council. Prior to 3rd August 2015, the committee was known as the Planning Committee and did not deal with Licensing Applications. 

Meetings are held when necessary at the East Preston Infant School, Lashmar Road, East Preston.



The current membership of the committee is Cllrs Bowman, Bradshaw, Linton, Mathias, Moore, Toney and Wilkinson. As Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council respectively, Cllrs Toney and Linton are entitled to attend and vote at committee meetings.


Planning and Licensing Committee Terms of Reference - Adopted 20th May 2019, revised 4th May 2021


Date Agenda Minutes
18th December 2023
27th November 2023
13th November 2023
23rd October 2023
9th October 2023
25th September 2023
11th September 2023
29th August 2023
14th August 2023
24th July 2023
10th July 2023
26th June 2023
12th June 2023
22nd May 2023
16th May 2023
24th April 2023
17th April 2023
27th March 2023 Plan Licence Agenda - 2023-03-27 [pdf] 95Kb
13th March 2023 Plan Licence Agenda - 2023-03-13 [pdf] 99Kb
27th February 2023 Cancelled Cancelled
13th February 2023 Plan Licence Agenda - 2023-02-13 [pdf] 102Kb Plan Licence Minutes - 2023-02-13 [pdf] 133Kb
23rd January 2023 Cancelled Cancelled
10th January 2023 Plan Licence Agenda - 2023-01-10 [pdf] 98Kb Plan Licence Minutes - 2023-01-10 [pdf] 161Kb