Community Engagement


The purpose of the Community Engagement Committee is to work with residents to find out how they would like to see the village develop and to ensure that the council acts mainly upon the wishes of the residents. 

Meetings are held every other month at the East Preston Infant School, Lashmar Road, East Preston, usually on the last Monday of the month.


The 2018-19 membership of the committee is Cllrs Bowman, Chapman, Duff, Gander, Toney and Linton. 

Community Engagement Committee Terms of Reference, Adopted May 2016

Date Agenda Minutes
26th November 2018 Comm Eng Agenda - 2018-11-26 [pdf] 185Kb
24th September 2018 Comm Eng Agenda - 2018-09-24 [pdf] 187Kb Comm Eng Minutes - 2018-09-24 [pdf] 2031Kb
30th July 2018 Comm Eng Agenda - 2018-07-30 [pdf] 187Kb Comm Eng Minutes - 2018-07-30 - final [pdf] 3099Kb
31st May 2018 Comm_Eng_Agenda___2018_05_31 [pdf] 183Kb Comm Eng Minutes - 2018-05-31 - final [pdf] 2849Kb
29th March 2018 Comm_Eng_Agenda___2018_03_29 [pdf] 181Kb Comm_Eng_Minutes___2018_03_29___final [pdf] 1625Kb
29th January 2018 Comm_Eng_Agenda___2018_01_29 [pdf] 179Kb Comm_Eng_Minutes___2018_01_29 [pdf] 3771Kb