Audit and Governance


The purpose of the Audit & Governance Committee is to ensure that Council is running to the high standards that public would expect. The Committee meets to test the adequacy of the Council’s processes, and to ensure that any recommendations made in internal or external auditors' reports are addressed.

Meetings are held quarterly at East Preston Infant School, Lashmar Road, East Preston.



The current membership of the committee is Cllrs Toney and Linton (as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council respectively) and the chairmen of the council's committees (Cllrs Duff, Mathias, McElroy and Wilkinson) and one vacancy. Cllr Mathias is Chairman of the committee, and Cllr McElroy is Vice-Chairman.  

Date Agenda Minutes
18th November 2024
15th July 2024
11th March 2024 AGC Agenda - 2024-03-11 [pdf] 41Kb