East Preston Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch is a national initiative supported by the police.

The aim of East Preston Community Speedwatch is simple: to reduce the number of drivers speeding in our village to help improve the safety of everyone (pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers) and especially the safety of children and the elderly.

Most people drive through our village safely. Only a few drive over the speed limit and very few drive at excessive speeds – but some do.

Many drivers who are speeding are unaware of the speed they are driving and/or the risks this brings to others.

The registration number of speeding vehicles is recorded and reported to the police.

Drivers are never penalised directly as a result of being reported by a Speedwatch team. Those reported receive a letter from Sussex Police advising them of the speed they were driving at the time (and exactly where). If a vehicle continues to be reported, the registration number is passed on to the Neighbourhood Policing Team and the national Road Policing Unit for targeted enforcement.

Community Speedwatch operators are well trained and operate according to a strict code of conduct. They will always treat drivers with respect and courtesy and will never disclose the identity of anyone they have recorded speeding. In the rare event of Speedwatch operators being subjected to aggressive or abusive behaviour they are required to report details of this to Sussex Police.

This is not about catching and punishing ‘offenders’ it is about raising drivers’ awareness of the speed they were driving so that they may drive more carefully in the future.

We are seeking to establish new teams of Speedwatch operators. Those wishing to volunteer to join a team need to be able to commit just a couple of hours twice a month. Full training is provided.

If you are interested in helping please contact Simon Cross, Clerk to the Council Tel: (01903) 770050; E-mail: clerk@eastpreston-pc.gov.uk

If you want to know more about Community Speedwatch nationally please visit their very accessible and informative web-site: www.communityspeedwatch.org