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Gigantic 280 foot high waste chimney set to tower over West Sussex


Gigantic 280 foot high waste chimney set to tower over West Sussex


A 280ft or 85m high, waste stack chimney at the gigantic Ford Energy Recovery Facility and Waste Transfer & Sorting facility, will tower above West Sussex and permanently scar the landscape for miles around if allowed to go-ahead warns Ford Parish Council. 

The new application for the site, which was quietly lodged at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown by Ford Energy, is seeking permission to build a vast new waste facility, twice the size of the scheme currently consented - but never constructed. 

To give this ‘monster’ proposal some perspective, the waste stack chimney if allowed to go ahead would put the majestic Chichester Cathedral in the shade – being a full 3 metres higher than the tip of the spire of the beautiful medieval cathedral. 

Put another way, the height of the chimney equates to the height of 10.5 normal houses placed one on top of the other, all within a stone’s throw from the National Park and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The sheer scale of the proposed waste development is mind-boggling as the graphic below shows:


At 51 metres or 167 feet high, the proposed roof structure of the main building is big enough to swallow many of the most distinctive local buildings including Arundel Cathedral, the Sky Pavilion in Bognor Regis and the Kingsmere Apartments, Littlehampton. 

A spokesperson for Ford Parish Council said:  ‘This proposed scheme is truly enormous in scale – 280 feet high and covering 17.6 acres. That’s a structure that is higher than the tip of Chichester Cathedral’s spire and covers a massive 10 football pitches in area. It’s huge and utterly unnecessary. 

‘We would urge local people to object to this wholly inappropriate blot on the landscape. It is big but it is really not clever.’

Objections can be registered by writing or emailing concerning planning Application WSCC/036/20 at before the consultation concludes on Sunday 9th August 2020.